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SPA EXIM (P) LTD was founded in 1995 at Noida, UP, is a trusted name in the OEM & Aftermarket for its high quality & high precision Moulded Commutator, Carbon Brush, use in Appliances (Mixer Grinder, Hand Blender, Food Processor & RO) Automotive (Starter Motor for Two & Four Wheelers, Wiper Motor) Power Tools (Marble Cutter, Angle Grinder, Drill Machine, Air Blowers, Scrubbing Machine, Die Grinder) other DC Motors and Ferrite Magnets in Company's manufacturing bases located in India & China. We hold a strong position in the market that makes us able to serve our clients with excellent quality products in stipulated time.

In our zeal to gain clients satisfaction. We offer premium quality products in accordance to the needs of our customers at a very competitive price.


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Enterprises Pay Attention To Product Technology Innovation, Ensure Product Quality, In The Manufacturing Process Using Semi-Automatic And Automatic Processing Equipment And Automatic Testing Equipment. In Particular, The Starter Motor Commutator Adopts The Most Advanced Cold Forging Structure In India At Present. Compared With The Punching And Inserting Type, The Utilization Efficiency Of Copper Material Is Higher And The Indexing Between Pieces Is More Even.

Focus on commutators ,reliable due to specialty first-class quality, worthy of your trust

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The company pursues lean production,strictly in accordance with the ISO9001 quality system requirements control and implemetation of quality management system.

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The company set up a professional technical team,enhance the enterprise product research and development stregth,constantly improve the production process and process.

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We infiltrate a full set of quality concepts through communication and exchange with customers to ensure that copper commutators are effectively controlled in each stage to meet the needs of customers

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First-class automaed production line,sophisticated manufacturing process,quality control personnel and techniacl peesonnel directly invovled in the production of armature commutators quality.

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Arc Ferrite Magnets
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Polishing Stone
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Armature Testing Machine
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Carbon Brushes
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Needle Bearings

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